Ervad Jamshed Pestonji Unvalla


Daepameher  Roj   Meher  Mah  1292 Y.Z.     23rd March 1923

Srosh  Roj   Avan  Mah  1378 Y.Z.     2nd April 2009


 Speech at the condolence meeting for Ervad Jamshed P. Unvalla

Respected  Members of the Unvalla Family, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have gathered here to offer our heartfelt condolences for the untimely and unfortunate demise of our dear Ervad Jamshed P. Unvalla.

He had faithfully served the “Bai Dhunmai & Cawasji Dadabhai Daremeher” from his childhood while assisting his late father and later alongside his late brother Dasturji Nadirshah P. Unvalla.  He had have served the Atash Padshah as a Mobed, he had served The Bangalore Parsee Zoroastrian Anjuman as a Trustee and Honorary Treasurer, and he had also served The Bangalore Zoroastrian Association as its President.  We all know of his total dedication, unfailing loyalty, he had to our community and institutions, and never expected anything in return.


His noble services went far beyond the dedication of the Holy Atash Padshah and his other regular priestly duties.  His idea of service encompassed the entire gamut of service to the Zoroastrian Faith, to our Agiary, but above all to those who approached him for his help and assistance.  He was always there for all and many, giving guidance and comfort in their hour of need and in their bereavement.  His self-less service went far beyond his religious duties.  Even years after his retirement form the Central Bank of India merely walking into a branch one can see the smiles on the faces of the bank employees beckoning him to sit and chat with them.  His personal rapport with peons to the chairman was evident in the kindness and courtesies which reflected in their attitude with him.  All this came with his dedicated service to the bank for over forty years with pride and unquestioned commitment. 


After a short period in Hyderabad he returned to Bangalore and always willingly lent a helping hand to his brother late Dasturji Nadirshah P. Unvalla.   He showed us the spirit of humility and modesty, both in his profession as a banker as well as a priest.  He always received everyone who approached him with equal warmth and friendship, and offered them his assistance or solace whenever needed.


We also wish to record the support given by his late wife Katie who was always behind him in all his endeavors and who in her own way served our Atash Padshah, the Agiary, and the Anjuman with great devotion.  In their own example, his sons Aspy and Cyrus have followed suit and have always been there to help and lend yeomen service whenever needed.  He was a loving father to all his children and faced all his challenges in his life with cheerful fortitude.  Unlike most, he was not only blessed with the pleasure of numerous grand-children but he also had the special honor of being a great-grandfather.  Like his sons we hope the future generations will follow in your footsteps. 


Since his retirement from the Central Bank of India he served our Atash Padshah and the Anjuman thus giving up a relaxed life in retirement; however, with his service to our community one can see that he really never retired nor was given an opportunity to relax.  He was always been there for the community, with his valuable and comforting advice and always extending his assistance.  He participated and shared in the joy of our members, getting them married, or celebrating Navjotes, and at the same time shared in the grief of those families who have lost their near and dear ones.  Most of the audience here has had the pleasure of his performing their wedding ceremony and a few who have been luckier have even had their Navjotes performed by him. 


Our community today prays for the loss of a great son of the Bangalore Parsees community.  We pray that Ahura Mazda grant his entire family courage to bear this untimely loss.


May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!


Yours in grief,

On behalf of ourselves and the Anjuman,

  The Trustees of

The Bangalore Parsee Zoroastrian Anjuman


Bangalore on this Saturday the 11th of April 2009,

Ashtad Roj, Avan Mah 1378 Y.Z.