Roj   Calendar

Font   Download



To install this font on your computer follow the instructions below.


  1. Move the mouse above the font "arishnaw.ttf" and click the left mouse button.  

  2. You will be asked if you wish to download the file "arishnaw.ttf", click the [Yes] button.

  3. You will be asked to save the file in a directory such as "C:\My Downloads".  Click the [Yes] button to save the file.  If you wish to save it in another directory of your choice, select the directory from the menu.  The directory must exist on your computer.

  4. With the mouse, click the [Start] button, then click on the [Settings] button, then click on [Control Panel] button.

  5. In the Control Panel click on "Fonts"

  6. On the Menu click on "File".

  7. In the File menu click on "Install New Font...".

  8. In the menu that appears, go to the "Folders" option and select C:\My Downloads.  Once this is done, the font will appear as "Arishnaweb (True Type)" under "List of fonts:".

  9. Click the mouse left button on "Arishnaweb (True Type)" font to select it.  Then select the [OK] button and the font should be installed on your computer.

  10. Now you should be able to view the "Roj Calendar" with the Guajarati font.  

  11. If it is still not working, you can try the following until it works: (a) Select the [Refresh] button on your Browser, (b) Quit from your browser, then restart the Browser and revisit the site, select "Roj Calendar" and select the Calendar of your choice, (c) if you are still unable to view the Calendar with the Gujarati fonts, while in the "Roj Calendar" and in the Calendar of your choice move your mouse over the font that should appear in Gujarati but is currently showing some funny characters.  With the mouse over the characters which should appear in Gujarati, click the right mouse button.  A menu will appear, from the menu select [Encoding         >].  Then click on [User Defined].  A black dot should appear on the left of the [User Defined] option.  Now you should be able to view the "Roj Calendar" and select the Calendar of your choice in the Gujarati font.  If it still does not work Select the [Refresh] button on your Browser.  It should work.


The other FONTS that will help this website look better are under.  

oldengli.TTF  =  Old English ATT (TrueType)


Arlrdbd.TTF  =  Arial Rounded MT Bold (TrueType)

If you wish to use them, follow the same instructions

mentioned above to download and install the fonts.



If you are unable to view the calendars with the Gujarati font, 

please contact for further assistance